Most of us have been in some semblance of lockdown for over a year. In the UK, we started this gruesome social experiment on 26 March 2020, and in theory, we emerge blinking and drinking from our cocoon in June.

Like grief, lockdown has its own stages. I’m not talking…

Hey! Parents! Leave those kids at home!

Back in August of 2020, in a statement on her website, J.K. Rowling explained why she was returning her ludicrously monikered ‘Ripple of Hope’ award.

It was following the President of ‘Robert F Kennedy Human Rights’ claims, that Rowling’s views, “diminishes the identity” of transgender people.

Hot on the heels…

One shouldn’t be shocked when a comedian shows themself to be a morally weak and cowardly individual in the hope that it will sell books, fill gigs, or retain their position in whatever panel show circuit they’re on.

When Matt Lucas, former star of Little Britain, went on Twitter last…

LinkedIn is ‘the world’s largest professional network’. They have over 720 million members, and if you want a job in the corporate world, or indeed most office-based environments, you need some kind of presence on it.

For many, their LinkedIn journey would have started on a Monday morning, probably in…

Tom James

Another man with opinions. Hooray! Author of the book Your Children Are Boring or How Modern Parents Ruin Everything.

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